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Gordon Corrigan Lectures

Welcome to my website and thank you for logging on. I spent most of my adult life in the British Army (Royal Gurkha Rifles) and am now a military historian. 

I have presented a number of TV documentaries, am a regular lecturer on cruise ships all over the world, and on rail journeys in China, Central Asia, Russia and Iran. I conduct battlefield tours worldwide and am the author of a number of books ranging from the Hundred Years War to the Second World War. 

I very much hope that you will enjoy my lectures listed here. Each lasts 45 minutes to one hour and you have access for 24 hours for a mere £5 (debit or credit card or PayPal).

(If you need a live speaker, in person or by Zoom, get in touch)

My first eleven talks are below.

More to follow.

Watch this space!

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